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Uses of Cable Tray in Buildings in UAE - Invention Steel
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Uses of Cable Tray in Dubai Buildings


Uses of Cable Tray in Dubai Buildings

In every building we see today there is a huge amount of wiring involved. These wires could be of any type like, Electrical wire, data communication cable, etc. To manage this huge amount of wires cable tray system is used to support insulated electrical cables which are used for power distribution, control, and communication. Cable trays are used as an alternative for open wiring or electrical passage systems, and are usually used for cable management in business and industrial construction. They’re particularly helpful in things wherever changes to a wiring system are anticipated, since new cables may be put in by giving birth within the tray, rather than pull them through a pipe.

According to the International Electrical Code (I.E.C). A cable is an assembly of units or sections and associated fittings forming a firm structural system that securely fasten or supports cables and raceways.

The cable tray is a brilliantly efficient tool used to manage the mess of wires. With a grounded metal barrier on the road to separate power wiring and data/communication cabling, a single, large cable receptacle (Cable Tray) installation is capable of routing an oversized amount of wiring. It heads off the possibility of a mess of conductors that are difficult to trace when changes are made or to find faults located.

As the cable tray follows the perimeter of the area within the room, power and information conductors will enter and exit at numerous locations, hence traveling within the raceway to the points of usage. For raceways terminating at a receptacle, a listed cable tray clamp or adapter fastens the raceway to the cable tray system.

A number of varieties of trays are employed in totally different applications. A solid-bottom receptacle (tray) provides the most protection to cables, however needs cutting the trays or mistreatment fittings to enter or exit cables. A deep, solid enclosure for cables is named a cable channel or cable trough.


Channel tray

It provides a cost-effective support for cable drops and branch cable runs from the backbone cable tray system. Channel cable tray receptacle is used for installations with restricted numbers of receptacle cable once passage is undesirable.

Ladder Type Cable Tray

A Ladder type cable tray Consists of Two Longitudinal side channels connected by individual traverse channels that provides a system strength with smooth radius fittings & a wide selection of material/finishes. This type of cable tray has solid covers to protect cables from falling objects, dust, and water.

Cable basket

Lighter cable trays are mostly used where there is a huge number of tiny cables, such as for telephone or computer network cables. These types of trays are made by using wire mesh and are known as ‘cable baskets.’

Large power cables set within the tray might need support blocks to take care of spacing between conductors, to forestall heating of the wires. Smaller cables could also be set unsecured in horizontal trays or secured with cable ties to the lowest of vertically mounted trays.


For the backing of cables at change of elevation or direction of a receptacle, an oversized range of specialized cable tray fittings are created which are compatible with every style and manufacturer. Horizontal elbows modification directs trays within the same plane because the bottom of the tray and in 30’, 45’ and 90’ degree forms; within and outdoor elbows are for changes perpendicular to the trays bottom. These will be in numerous shapes together with tees and crosses. So, we at Invention Steel make adjustable elbows, useful for field-fitting of trays around obstacles or around irregular shapes. And we also modify or customize the tray according to your needs.

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