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Cable Management Systems - Invention Steel Industries
Invention Steel Industries is a Manufacturer and Supplier of Cable Management Systems, Stone Cladding systems and Solar Mounting systems.
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Product Range

Stone Cladding System

Stone Cladding System is our premium-quality range of anchorages and framing system, functioning as an indispensable support in the creation of aesthetic architecture.

Cable Management System

INV Cable Management Systems are designed and engineered to comply with the stringent British and European standards. Our Precision Tooling has been specifically designed and developed to conform to global standards.

Solar PV Mounting System

INV provides Solar Mounting System solutions for different applications including Rooftop, Ground Mounted and Solar Car Parks. The structure is manufactured using superior quality materials and parts.

About Us

Invention Steel Industries LLC is a UAE based manufacturing and trading company that specializes in precision engineered and high-quality products catering to Construction, Oil & Gas & EPC sector for more than a decade.

Invention Steel Industries LLC strives on being a forward-looking company, staying one step ahead of market developments, offering unrivaled comprehensive solutions to all our clients.

Invention Steel Industries LLC manufactures and distributes a wide range of solutions for diverse industries in accordance with International Norms to suit and meet project and client requirements. We have an in-house diverse engineering team that provides full technical support which is inclusive of, but not limited to, conducting On-Site Pull Out Tests, creating CAD drawings, and providing structural calculations using multiple software such STAD PRO, SAP 2000, PROKON…..etc.


Recent Projects

Invention Steel Is Recognized As One Of UAE’s Leading Manufacturing Company!

Invention Steel has been building relationships that last, serving impressive list of long-term clients with expertise in multiple industries.


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ISO 9001 : 2015

ISO 14001 : 2015

ISO 45001 : 2018

What We Do

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ISO 9001 : 2015

ISO 9001 : 2015